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Oris Swiss Watches

For over 112 years, Oris has been making purely mechanical watches in H^lstein, Switzerland. The symbol of Oris mechanicals is the red rotor ñ it’s a sign of the natural power that fuels the watches, and a registered trademark. Comprised of four worlds: Culture, Diving, Aviation and Motor Sport, Oris watches are made for everyday wear and offer the luxury of common sense. That means Oris provides their customers the best possible watch for the money, using useful complications and functional designs. Staying true to a rich heritage, Oris is one of the few Swiss watch companies to remain independently owned and operated.

Here are a selection of Oris timepieces, we have an even greater assortment in our Twin Cities store located at Galleria, Edina, MN. We will gladly research the availability of any timepiece we may not have in stock, just contact us with the Model number.