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Watches in Edina

High-quality watches are the only kind we deal with at Scheherazade Jewelers in Edina, MN, and we are the authorized dealer for a carefully selected group of the finest watch brands available on the market today. Our selection includes the best of such internationally acclaimed manufacturers as Oris, Hamilton and Tavannes, but we offer many others as well as offering a repair service.

Some of these classic timepieces are described below, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us via our website, email us at, give us a phone call or pay us a visit at our Twin Cities store at the Galleria in Edina. You’ll find that our staff is both friendly and very knowledgeable about watches, and each person will be able to help you find exactly the right watch to fit your personality, your needs and your budget.

What’s your preference – a sporty style, an instant classic or a future heirloom? Each of these fine designer watch brands exudes elegance, charm and sophistication. Which one speaks to you?

Hamilton Swiss Watches

Hamilton watches have been lauded as some of the best produced in America since 1892, when the company offered its first line of pocket watches. Incorporating the American spirit into the precision and elegance of fine Swiss movements, the Hamilton collection of best quality watches today offers the same classic American design features that have captivated watch lovers everywhere.

Oris Swiss Watches

Oris Swiss watches are known throughout the industry as timepieces that are built with quality and style in mind, but they are also made to withstand daily usage and still provide accuracy and reliability. Founded in Holstein, Switzerland, more than 100 years ago, the Oris Watch Company has consistently been recognized for excellence in producing mechanical watches. In each of four different categories –Diving, Culture, Aviation and Motor Sport – Oris watches are the standard by which other designer watches are measured.

Tavannes Swiss Watches

The Tavannes Watch Company was founded in 1891 in a small Swiss town called Tavannes, and in the past century it has come to epitomize high-quality watches that are renowned for their accuracy and reliability. Our collection of exquisite Tavannes watches includes some that are sporty, as well as some that are meant to be considered elegant jewelry. Some are mechanically operated and some are automatic, but all have the exclusive Tavannes Swiss movement that guarantees quality and longevity.