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Jewelry Cleaning & Inspection

Jewelry Cleaning & Inspection

An important aspect of owning fine jewelry is regular maintenance to ensure that diamonds are secure in their settings and that any buildup from regular wear is removed, to avoid potential damage to the metal. Scheherazade Jewelers, located in the Galleria, invites you to bring your jewelry in at least once a year to be cleaned and inspected, for FREE!

This service includes:

  • A thorough inspection for loose stones or damage
  • A gentle ultrasonic bath that will thoroughly cleanse the entire piece
  • A distilled water steam to revive the – good as new – sparkle!

If, once examined, a piece requires additional work, we may recommend our Complete Refurbish Service*, which is a thorough reconditioning process that will restore your jewelry to its original condition.

*Fees apply for the Complete Refurbish Service