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Designer Necklaces & Pendants in Edina

Do you own a necklace stand that serves as a museum of exquisite ornaments that are never touched? We’ve all purchased necklaces that look lovely on other women, but maybe not quite right on ourselves. Just like hairstyles and clothing, our individual shapes and styles call for very specific jewelry.

As the top jeweler in Edina, MN, we at Scheherazade Jewelers have some tips for you to consider when making your next necklace purchase.

Chain Lengths

Although necklaces can be cut to various lengths, there are industry-standards to consider when purchasing a new necklace.

Collar: This style is 16 inches in length and sits nicely around the base of the neck. It is an example of necklace that will have different effects on women of different sizes. For petite individuals, it will brush against your collarbone; for plus-size women, it may look more like a choker.

Princess: This style is 18 inches long and also sits close to the collarbone. If you have a wider neck, this might be a better option if you are going for a collar effect. It is a great choice for adding small pendants.

Matinee: The matinee is 20 to 24 inches long and can sit between your collarbone and bust. It is versatile because it looks lovely whether you are in business attire or dressed for a more casual setting.

Opera: At 28 to 36 inches, you are dealing with a wide range in length. This chain may rest on your bust, or a few inches below, so consider your body shape when adorning yourself with this chain. It is a great option when wanting to add large, dramatic pendants.

Rope: Known for its elegance, this is the longest chain available. It can play well with both business and evening wear, and looks fantastic when doubled with a princess chain. At 36 to 42 inches, it can sit on or just below the center of the bust.

Most importantly, try on the necklace and check yourself out. If you love it and it feels good, you can’t go wrong!

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