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Designer Earrings in Edina

A pair of stunning earrings is the best way to accent any outfit and finish your look. Whether it’s a formal party or an intimate event, there is a wide assortment of fashionable earrings to choose from at Scheherazade Jewelers.

Earrings are also the perfect way to show how much you love that special someone for birthdays and holidays.

Studs, Dangles and More

Simple stud earrings are a clean-cut, convenient way to add some sparkle to your dress. You can choose from a range of colored stones set into simple patterns, or you can go with classic pearls. Our virtual diamond vault allows you to shop for different cuts and qualities of diamonds to design your own set based on your taste and budget. There are also a number of basic stud options that are made with plain reflective metals. These are beautiful but durable designs that can go with nearly any outfit.

For a more dramatic look, long dangling drop earrings accented with gold, silver or other precious metals will catch the light and give you a gorgeous aura as you move. Dangling earrings often make a great statement piece along side a bracelet or matching necklace.

Some drop earrings feature a multitude of stones, while others stick to simple metal designs sculpted into unique shapes. You will enjoy the exotic look of a chandelier-style earring or a simple hoop. You can find great deals on complete sets of jewelry in Edina, MN, when you purchase a trio at one of our exclusive events.

Unique Materials

Even if you’re not into the glitz of diamond earrings, there are tons of new designs featuring two and tri-tone gold, as well as other metals. You can choose from simple rings and teardrops to more exotic shapes that really catch your attention.

These designs are great for the working professional who wants a simple, go-to earring with a timeless, classy appeal. Ask about any unusual gem stones that will add a splash of color to your earring collection.

Stop into our shop at the Galleria to see a full range of earrings in Edina, MN from the Sheherazade Jewelers family. We are happy to help you select a pair that will match any outfit or lifestyle. We can also make gift suggestions for your loved one!