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Designer Diamond Jewelry in Edina

What is it about fine diamonds and fine diamond jewelry that has fascinated man through the ages? It could be the strength diamonds possess as one of nature’s most indestructible creations, or perhaps the sparkling clarity that seems to offer a window into the very elements of nature itself.

In the end, it may simply be the sheer beauty of this remarkable stone and the inspired designs that have been brought to life by true artisan visionaries.

Buy an existing piece or custom design jewelry?

Find out for yourself when you choose from among the latest diamond jewelry designs, or when you dream up your own piece of custom diamond jewelry and have it made by Scheherazade Jewelers. We consider our Edina establishment to be one of the premier jewelry stores in Minnesota, both for the elegant and luxurious pieces we can offer, and for the capabilities of our diamond craftsmen in helping you realize your dream. That’s what a great diamond jewelry store should do – offer you the choice of buying already prepared gorgeous examples of diamond artwork or the possibility of converting your own personal diamond dream into reality.

Whether it’s a ring, a bracelet, a beautiful pair of earrings, a dazzling diamond pendant, a full necklace, or a beautiful engagement ring to lock down your love, you’ll probably find exactly what you’ve been looking for at Scheherazade Jewelers – and if you don’t, we’ll be thrilled to collaborate with you on your very own vision.

Why Diamonds? Why Scheherazade?

There is no more precious gemstone anywhere, and none that can add the kind of sophistication, elegance and class to your sense of style than jewelry featuring a beautiful diamond. Considered the ultimate in fashion appeal, the many facets of a particularly brilliant diamond all sparkle and reflect back on the excellent good taste of the wearer.

Since our founding in 1970, we have grown in stature and in reputation to the point where we have been named one of the Top 25 designer jewelry stores in this country. We have earned that honor partly because of our superior fine jewelry items, but also because of our outstanding service to customers. When you buy from us, you simply buy the best.

The most stunning designs in fine diamond jewelry

Diamonds are truly spectacular gemstones, and in the hands of a real master they become even more magnificent. Browse through our online collection or stop in our diamond jewelry store with any questions you may have about custom diamond jewelry. Our greatest creation has yet to be made – why not for you?