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Jewelry FAQ’s

Scheherazade Jewelry In Edina

Below are some common questions regarding Scheherazade Jewelers inventory and services. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for here, please email us or call us at (952) 856-8799.

How did the store come to be called “Scheherazade”?

Quite simply, we were inspired by a legendary queen of ancient times, Scheherazade, a resourceful and enchanting woman truly ahead of her time. One Thousand and One Nights is a compelling and very imaginative collection of stories, one of the most memorable being that of Scheherazade, who epitomized the timeless art of storytelling. When we started Scheherazade over 4 decades ago, we were inspired to share the many romantic and inspiring stories of fine jewelry. We have always felt a deep and ongoing commitment to showcase best-in-class designers. Their craftsmanship and creativity inspires us and in turn, inspires so many new stories from our loyal customers who celebrate their biggest occasions with a gift from Scheherazade.

I have jewelry/watches that I did not purchase at Scheherazade Jewelers but that are in need of repairs. Do you only service products purchased at your store?

We offer full Repair Services for all types of jewelry, regardless of where it has been purchased. However, depending on the brand, we may not be able to service your timepiece. There is never a charge for an In-Store Consultation, so please visit us for an estimate and recommendations. For more information, see Jewelry Repair or Watch Repair.

How do I figure out what kind of diamond is the best fit for my budget and style?

Buying a diamond can feel overwhelming; there are so many options and variables to consider when making such a significant investment. For an overview of the vocabulary that is used in grading and certifying a diamond, see our Diamond Buying Guide. Then come visit us with your questions, and we will match you with the perfect, high-quality diamond within the parameters of your preferences, using our Virtual Diamond Vault technology. We’ll show you a wide range of options using a custom iPad app, with the ability to view the stones you choose in-store the next day!

I’m interested in a piece that I saw advertised by one of the designers/manufacturers that Scheherazade Jewelers carries, but I don’t see it on your website. Can I still buy it?

We feature an edited selection on our website, but our store inventory is constantly being updated. Please email us a photo, description or link to the product you’re interested in, or bring a printout to the store. If we donít have it in stock, we will either order it from the manufacturer for you to view in-store, or help you to find something comparable.

Do you offer Shipping Services?

It’s our pleasure to securely ship your purchase anywhere in the United States or Canada. Pricing depends on the destination and item value, please contact us for more information.