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Roberto Demeglio Designer Jewelry in Edina

Roberto Demeglio is a well-known name in Europe, with a rich family tradition in the jewelry industry. The company was founded in 1922 when Roberto’s grandfather opened a jewelry store and workshop in Turin, Italy. Roberto took over the business in 1984 and recreated the company with a focus on unique and eclectic designs. His outstanding creativity and balance of design, technical excellence and craft tradition have given him the ability to create a line of unconventional pieces with universal appeal.

Roberto Demeglio’s awe-inspiring collection brings new meaning to customized jewelry. These elegantly unconventional pieces are crafted using a patented stainless steel coil system that allows them to bend and flex in unexpected, remarkable ways. Graceful and luxurious, Demeglio’s collection offers a little bit of everything for those who favor the finer things in life.

Roberto Demeglio Designer Pieces At Scheherazade Jewelers

To the right is a selection of Roberto Demeglio Jewelry. We have an even greater assortment at Scheherazade Jewelers showroom. Be sure and contact us for the availability of what you may be looking for from this great Designer.