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Oscar Heyman Designer Jewelry in Edina

Tracing its origins to the Faberge workshops in Russia at the turn of the last century, Oscar Heyman enjoys a reputation for impeccable quality and design. The design house has been running for over 100 years and the company has been run by the Heyman Family for three generations.

Family dedication continues to be the key to maintaining the original high standards. Members of the 2nd and 3rd generation work side by side with dedicated and skilled employees who continue to create jewelry of the finest quality and rare beauty.

Oscar Heyman is known for the indisputable quality of its gemstones and beautiful settings, but also for its wonderfully ingenious design. Over the decades, the company has acquired numerous patents for jewelry manufacturing processes, and remains dedicated to a hands-on approach of stone selection and an unparalleled pride of workmanship. Their workshop includes jewelers, setters, engravers, polishers and lapidaries, and they still maintain their own tool-and-die shop, alloy their own metals, cut and polish their gemstones and personally oversee each piece that leaves the premisesóengraved with its own numberófrom inception through completion.

Oscar Heyman jewelry showcases the striking elegance of colorful gemstones and the dramatic beauty of the women who wear them. Each piece is meticulously crafted by American artisans using European techniques passed down through three generations of this family business. The result is an enduring legacy of heirloom-quality design that truly transcends time. Since 1912, Oscar Heyman has been creating truly exquisite fine jewelry for truly exquisite women.

Oscar Heyman Designer Pieces At Scheherazade Jewelers

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