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Michael Bondanza Designer Jewelry in Edina

Hailing all the way from Italy, Michael Bondanza’s story is one of true passion and calling. Bondanza’s family is full of artists of all types, and his designer jewelry brings together visions of simple structure with striking beauty. Michael Bondanza bracelets have become an international sensation as he has woven intricate patterns of gold and platinum together to form each gorgeous piece. Ever since showing his earliest works to his friends, he has expanded his calling to create a full line of custom Michael Bondanza jewelry.

Why Michael Bondanza is Different

Michael Bondanza rings stunningly combine unique raw materials. He has largely focused on working with platinum as his medium, interjecting yellow gold as a highlighting element to his designs. He is one of few designers that work with platinum as a primary material.

Furthermore, Michael Bondanza has perfected the art of jewelry creation with the help of computer design and hand-crafted brilliance. He is able to create gorgeous sketches and models of his rings before he sits down to the bench, and uses his skills to perfectly execute the models he has created. This gives you the consistency of a mass produced piece with the quality and care of a hand-crafted item.

Choosing a Michael Bondanza Piece

At Scheherazade Jewelers we carry a wide variety of Michael Bondanza engagement rings, pendants, and more. Visit our store today to view his stunning collections of high-quality jewelry. For instance, the Madison collection is an ultra-modern, sleek collection of rings that features bright bands and large center stones. On the other hand, his Tribeca collection is a study in unique textures using simple precious metals. Bondanza has traversed many fascinating techniques, mediums, and sources of inspiration to give us one of the largest collections of modern jewelry available today.

Michael Bondanza Designer Pieces At Scheherazade Jewelers

To see more of Michael Bondanza’s work, we invite you to visit Scheherazade Jewelers today and speak with one of our diamond experts. Our Edina, MN gallery is bursting with beautiful new pieces from the Bondanza collection, and we are always bringing in the latest releases to share with our customers. You can visit our online gallery to discover more great work by Bondanza before your visit.