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Konstantino Designer Jewelry in Edina

Konstantino is one of the best-known family jewelry lines around today. Hailing from Athens, the gorgeous designs created by Konstantino Sioulas continue to inspire us every day. His unique mix of ancient custom and design are combined with modern materials and manufacturing practices to produce stunning results.

About Konstantino Designer Jewelry

The story of Konstantino Sioulas is unlike most other designers. He had the good fortune to grow up amid the culture and landscape of Athens, Greece. His jewelry work began slowly at first, as he focused on creating tributes to his homeland through each unique piece. He has gained notoriety due to his steadfast dedication to quality and classical aesthetics reimagined for today’s world. His work has been featured on the red carpet and in fashion shows around the world as some of the most exotic and detailed jewelry available.

Konstantino Designer Jewelry

Every piece of Konstantino jewelry tells a story. For instance, the delicate Melissa Gold Konstantino necklaces speak to the story of Greece’s nymph by the same name. By contrast, the Classic Silver and Gold collection features Konstantino earrings that bring together dusky silver and sparkling gold to recreate an ancient look befitting a goddess. These stories are translated into hand-drawn sketches by Konstantinos designers, and every one of his handcrafted masterpieces carries the soul and history of Greece within it.

Konstantino Jewelry Materials

Konstantino is no stranger to unusual materials. While his designs typically feature sterling silver, vibrant 18 karat gold, diamonds, and a variety of other gemstones, he has also gone off the script to create truly unique pieces that you won’t find from any other designer. His Kerma collection, for example, highlights ancient Greek coins recreated in striking bronze.

Contact Konstantino Jewelry

To experience the art, history, and magic of Konstantinos’ world-renowned Grecian craftsmanship for yourself, stop by Scheherazade Jewelers at the Galleria Edina. We have new pieces coming in all the time to add to our exquisite collection. If you are looking for an heirloom quality piece that stands out from the rest, Konstantino jewelry is a timeless must-have.