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George Sawyer Designer Jewelry in Edina

As a self-educated goldsmith, George’s interest in Asian Art led him to develop his signature techniques ñ the original gold ìwood-grainî metal, the subtle and impressionistic ìKoiî and ìWabi Sabiî metals and the ìRhythmî family of color sequenced patterned metals. Inspired by the ancient, painstaking process of Mokume-gane, a Japanese sword making method, George has established a unique style supported by truly exceptional craftsmanship. He creates alloys of Silver, Gold and Copper to achieve colorful, complex patterns that are an art in their own right. Each piece is as unique as a fingerprint, and the designs speak to the heart as well as inspire the imagination. Most George Sawyer jewelry is unisex and available in a range of sizes.

“In my work I try to achieve a harmony between form, surface pattern and color. The exploration of the graphic and painterly qualities of color-patterned metal, and the technical challenges of producing sculptural objects from this material, continue to fascinate me. I am interested in using color and pattern in a more abstract way to create a form of art jewelry that rewards the observer with new discoveries, and more pleasure, the longer and closer they look.”
– George Sawyer

George Sawyer Designer Pieces At Scheherazade Jewelers

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