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Unique Jewelry Designers

The Best Local & International Designer Jewelry In The Minneapolis Area

Scheherazade showcases best-in-class local and international jewelry designers. From contemporary to classic, our selection has something for everyone in a variety of materials, including diamonds, precious gemstones, platinum, gold, and sterling silver. Some of our featured designers include Officina Bernardi, Michael Bondanza, Roberto Demeglio, Frederic Duclos, Kurt Gaum, Oscar Heyman, Konstantino, I. Reiss Company, Simon G, and Sofer Jewelry. Click through the below designers for a selection of products for each brand. We have an even greater assortment at our Twin Cities Jewelry store located in Galleria. Be sure and contact us for specific product availability.

Scheherazade Jeweler’s reputation as one of the best designer jewelry stores in Minnesota has been earned through our dedication to luxury designer jewelry and our incredible eye for artful pieces. We are proud to partner with the following designers to bring you the very best of their work:


Founded on the idea of blending classic Italian style with technological innovation, Officina Bernardi has earned worldwide recognition with their premium-quality silver and gold chains and their original creation, the Mood bead, crafted through a unique cutting process that captures light and brightness.


With a modern, unique collection of designs inspired by the artful heritage of New York City, Michael Bondanza captures a sense of life and spirit in every one of their beautiful pieces. A commitment to using only the best gold and platinum materials and a distinctive aesthetic sets the Michael Bondanza collection apart.


Eclectic, creative, incomparable: these words and more are consistently used to describe the designs of Roberto Demeglio, an Italian jewelry company that dates back to the 1920s. The unique, contemporary designs are not only beautiful but functional as well. Special design technology makes the Roberto Demeglio collection comfortable and flexible, ideal for everyday wear.


The designs by Frederic Duclos are sculptural works of art, infused with delicate femininity and a nod to the natural world. This award-winning designer has been creating memorable pieces for over 30 years, utilizing the finest precious metals and gemstones to craft each and every beautiful necklace, bracelet, and set of earrings.


Every Kurt Gaum piece embodies the trademark Swiss elegance of the designer, timeless jewelry that rises above passing trends or styles. Using the best of modern technology combined with a sense of impeccable craftsmanship, Kurt Gaum crafts pieces that are destined to become family heirlooms, many of them one of a kind.


For the discerning buyer looking for something truly unique, Oscar Heyman has long been the designer to turn to. Dating back to the intricately ornate era of Russia’s famous Faberge workshops, Oscar Heyman has always been known for their use of high-quality stones and gorgeous settings. Browse the breathtaking designs and notice the impact of each thoughtful element incorporated into every piece.


The trademark hammered yellow gold of all I. Reiss Company designs sets the jewelry apart from many other pieces, lending an exotic touch to each necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings. Pearls, semiprecious stones, and diamonds accent many of the pieces, allowing you to add a special touch of glamour to your everyday wardrobe.


Inspired by the rich culture, vivacious people, and dynamic history of the country of Greece, Konstantino is known for intricate, beautifully ornate pieces that would suit the finest Greek gods and goddesses. Each piece carries an incredible creative vision, crafted by skilled artisans to reach an end product that is truly heirloom-quality.

Lombardi of Italy

For over 75 years, Lombardi has been a company built on a family love for beauty and craftsmanship, evolving into the world-renowned name it is today. A five-time winner of the DeBeers Diamond International Award, Lombardi is known for high-quality, contemporary designs with the perfect touch of timelessness. Only rubies, diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds are used in the designs, giving each piece a connection to jewelry tradition.


For the modern bride and groom who are looking for the perfect pieces to represent their eternal love, Simon G. creates beautifully timeless designs with hand-selected metals and only the finest, natural colored diamonds. Special touches like engraving, beadwork, and intricate settings make Simon G. designs stand above many other bridal jewelry designers.


If you are searching for diamond jewelry that balances both classic and contemporary design aesthetics, Beny Sofer is the ideal jewelry designer for you. Carefully selected diamonds are incorporated into stylish designs, with timeless shapes and structures providing the perfect backdrop to the gorgeous sparkle of each high-quality gemstone.


Designed for the fearless woman who can effortlessly command the attention of a room from the moment she steps in, Spark Creations are designed to add the perfect pop of color to your outfit, whether you are looking for an everyday piece or something for a special occasion. The exquisite quality of the gemstones is complemented perfectly by beautiful settings, allowing the incredible hue of each gem to shine truly.

To browse more of the latest designer jewelry designs from these world-renowned designers, visit our retail location inside the Galleria Edina. Learn more about Scheherazade Jewelers, our custom designer jewelry and other services we provide, and why we are Minnesota’s most trusted jeweler. Contact our professional team today and let us help you find your next perfect piece.