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Minneapolis Modern Wedding Bands & Rings

Wedding bands have a long history around the globe. Early records indicate that they originated in Egypt where they were created from the naturally growing reeds along the riverbanks. Couples exchanged rings as a symbol of their love for one another, making a promise to go through life’s many challenges together. The rings were placed ceremoniously on the third finger of the hand because it is directly linked to the heart. Today, we continue to exchange rings and place them upon our partner’s ring finger while celebrating our love with friends and family.

Modern Wedding Rings & Bands

While the root of the wedding band tradition is still evident in our wedding ceremonies today, the materials we use to create these bands have changed drastically. The move toward precious metals such as gold, silver and even platinum has become standard for trendier wedding band sets. Even so, they have remained fairly plain and unadorned for many decades, and you still can purchase simple gold bands today. However, more and more wedding bands are also enjoying accents made of diamonds and other popular gemstones.

Wedding Jewelry In Minneapolis, MN

Another feature of the modern wedding ring is the intricate details of the design itself. Where engagement rings typically feature diamonds sprouting from the metal band and sitting atop the hand, wedding bands are more likely to have diamonds set into the metal. The bands themselves now feature delicate patterns etched into the surface to add dimension and depth. After all, the wedding band needs to attractively match the style of the engagement ring it is paired with, and men don’t want to be left out either.

Our fine jewelers in Edina offer a wide range of wedding band sets to suit your tastes. You have the ability to choose from custom rings made with everything from rose gold to the purest white platinum. You can accent your ring with aquamarines, emeralds or rubies to your heart’s desire. You can easily mix and match several metals and gemstones to create a one-of-a-kind look that stands out from more traditional styles.

If you are looking for the perfect wedding band for your big day, contact Scheherazade Jewelers or visit their Edina jewelry store at the Galleria Shopping Center today. The staff will help guide you through the process of choosing the materials and designs that will suit your partner and serve as a symbol of your everlasting love.