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Anniversary Rings & Bands in Edina

There is no better gift for your significant other than an exquisite anniversary band that will not only remind them of the cherished love between you both but will also elegantly adorn his or her hand. No matter your significant other’s style, there is a perfect anniversary band out there that will surely make his or her heart melt.

Unlike a wedding band, an anniversary band is typically wider and features stones. The best part of all is that they can be gifted for any occasion, not just anniversaries. After all, it doesn’t have to be an anniversary to let the person you love know how much you truly care about them!

Three distinct styles

There are three main styles of anniversary bands: eternity, semi-eternity and three-stone. Eternity rings feature a band adorned with stones throughout the band, which symbolizes the eternal love a couple shares. The just-as-stunning semi-eternity ring is similar with the exception that the stones only adorn part of the band. Finally, the three-stone ring, as the name entails, features three stones symbolizing the past, future and present of a long and loving relationship.
One particular beauty of an anniversary band is that you have much more freedom to customize it than you would a wedding band. You have the freedom to choose the metal, stone, the cut and the setting. You even had the option of choosing an intricate type of band if you feel like making your gift as unique as your spouse. There is one thing to keep in mind while creating the perfect diamond anniversary ring: If your spouse is likely to wear it with a wedding set, make sure it matches the set.

How to wear it

Now that you’re thinking about how an anniversary ring is worn, you should know that it can be worn alongside the wedding set or on its own. Some choose to wear it next to the wedding ring while others choose to wear it separately on the right hand.

Scheherazade Jewelers

If you are considering an anniversary band for your loved one and are near Minneapolis, take a look at what Scheherazade has to offer. There is a wide selection that will surely feature something your significant other will love and adore. Jewelry experts are also available to help you during your purchase and can answer any question regarding anniversary bands.

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