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About Scheherazade Jewelers in Edina

Shopping at Scheherazade Jewelers is an experience you won’t forget. From our large variety of hand-selected, first-rate pieces, you’re bound to find a sparkling addition to your jewelry collection. Our name is a nod to a legendary queen of ancient times, Scheherazade, a resourceful and enchanting woman truly ahead of her time. When we started Scheherazade over four decades ago, we decided to share the many romantic and inspiring stories of fine jewelry. Back in 1974, we were included in one of the Galleria’s original expansions.

We have also been honored with a recent expansion to the Galleria’s new east end, right next to the Westin Hotel. As a historic part of the Galleria’s elegant and classy shopping experience, we are privileged to continue providing our customers with quality products and services. We have proudly served the Twin Cities area for almost 50 years now with beautifully crafted designer jewelry and excellent service.

Quality Designers

At Scheherazade Jewelers, we are delighted to feature numerous renowned jewelry designers:  

Spark Creations

Officina Bernardi

Lombardi of Italy

Roberto Demeglio

Frederic Duclos

Oscar Heyman

Kurt Gaum

Charles Garnier

Michael Bondanza

It’s important to respect the classics and also keep up with the demands of modernity. Each piece has a rich, divine history and it is our goal to help our customers better understand the jewelry that caught their attention. It is our priority to assist shoppers in making an informed decision when it comes to their purchase. We want to help them select a piece they will cherish for years to come and enliven with their own unique story.

We are especially pleased to present a new wonder: Masterworks, the Caruso Collection, which is a set of fine jewelry by the Italian master Lombardi that has been carefully selected. Stylish and extraordinary, these pieces have a remarkable connection between the ancient and the contemporary. This line is a great complement to our prized selections.

Superior Materials

Our Scheherazade Jewelers team can also provide you with stones and precious metals. A certificate of authenticity will be provided with most every piece purchased from us so that you have evidence of the superior quality and value. We strive to provide gemstones and diamonds that have excellent color, cut and clarity in each piece of jewelry whether it is a bracelet, ring or pendant. Come shop with us to see for yourself the amazing influence an attention to detail can make.

Great Service

Our friendly, well-trained staff are dedicated to providing our customers with the attention, care, and provision they need. From handling repairs to helping you choose the perfect classic piece for that special someone, our knowledge and resources are at your disposal. As a certified jeweler, we offer several valuable services:


Jewelry repair


Cleaning and inspection


From refurbishing to ring sizing, stone setting to polishing, we are here to ensure that your jewelry receives the appropriate care and attention it needs. You can get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your jewelry is in the hands of trained and experienced handlers that will treat it carefully.

Custom Design Specialists

Scheherazade Jewelers can even help you design your dream jewel. With celebrated design artists like Michael Bondanza, we can help you create and select a distinct design that is perfect for you. If you are interested in being part of this process, visit us today.

Contact Us For More Information

For more details about our products and services, feel free to contact us today. You can call us at 952-926-2455, send us an e-mail message, or stop in for a free in-store consultation. Our associates are standing by to guide you through a smooth and satisfying shopping or repair experience.

At Scheherazade Jewelers, our philosophy is Timeless, Modern Classics – come in and see why!



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